9 October 2015

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Blood Tiers:

Nine tiers in total
  • 1st Tier - Progenitors
  • 2nd Tier - Mix of two species
  • 3rd Tier - Mix of three
  • 4th Tier - Mix of four
  • 5th Tier - Fifth human
  • 6th Tier - Quarter human
  • 7th Tier - Half human
  • 8th Tier -  Three-Quarters human
  • 9th Tier - Any Mix of five or more creatures and any amount of human blood
These tiers are based on blood purity and are more for family trees than anything. For more information to where each goes, look at Classes.
Note!!! The lines on these are often smudged for lower classes as it can vary greatly. Most go with just the closest tier. Employers ask for this to estimate what benefits an employee would be able to have based on lifespan, wealth, likely scenarios, insurance, etc. This in no way affects job opportunities.

Economic Castes:

Three castes and are closely related to Classes
  • First Caste - Ancients, Eldests, and Opasteras (high, middle, low)
  • Second Caste - Opasteras, Echidnas, Hi-herafs (high, middle, low)
  • Third Caste - Hi-heraf, Mid-heraf, Lo-heraf (high, middle, low)
Third castes tend to/commonly/mostly have Olive through Red forcintahs. They are the general low class as they are the youngest and don't have many funds saved up yet due to this fact.
Second castes tend to/commonly/mostly have Jade through Indigo forcintahs. They are the general middle class and are considered young adults to middle aged adults.
Third caste tend to/commonly/mostly have Purple through Fuschisa forcintahs. They are the general high class and are considered wise and elders/leaders/superiors. Most other creatures look up to the people for guidance.

All castes and classes can have any forcintah but this is common amounts of forcintahs for each one but in no means are any poor. The amount of US money each is worth does not accurately measure the worth of forcintahs but were developed to help lower classes blend in with human society so they aren't suddenly poor and homeless and suddenly rich and stick out like a sore thumb. The three highest classes are exceptions since they have been around for a very VERY long time.

All Castes can come from most any Classes.


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