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Need to find formatting system to Citi!verse AU of homestuck.


Guardians' Species and Ancestors' Species


Method of Transportation between Derse, Prospit, and Earth

Some Species

--Breath - Wind
--Life - Life
--Space - Matter
--Hope - Emotion
--Time - Time
--Heart - Soul
--Light - Luck
--Void - Void
--Blood - State of Being
--Doom - 'Fate'
--Mind - Mind
--Rage - Death

Blood Tiers and Economic Castes

Character Specifics

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The Ancients. Purest species and the Base ones. Twenty in total.


-Condesce = Scylla
-Dualscar = Selkie
-Grand Highblood = Basilisk
-Darkleer = Cyclops
-Mindfang = Genie
-Redglare = Dragonkin
-Dolorosa = Siren
-Disciple = Chimera
-Psiioniic = Vampire
-Summoner = Faerie
-Handmaid = Necros
-Sufferer/Signless = Sprites


-Dad = Hellhound
-Nanna = Dryad
-Poppop = Imp
-Grandpa = Elf
-Grandma = Witches
-Mom = Harpy
-A!Mom = Mage
-Bro = Succubus/Incubus
-A!Bro = Demon

Progenitor Species A-Z:

Basilisk - A powerful creature that is able to petrify, with a mix of reptile and bird characteristics. They prefer volcanoes or mountains. In addition, they are unable to fly in the sky. Tends to have bipolar issues though not always. Progenitor - Tercapri (Grand Highblood)

Chimera - A creature with a mix of all things animal. While human in size and form, she has all possible characteristics of any living animal, excluding mutations. Prefers Forest climates though able to acclimate to any. Known to have personalities fitting a single animal. Progenitor - Arseni (Disciple)

Cyclops - One-eyed human creatures that love to be in a smithy. Great masters of metal and gems. Known most commonly for Greek Mythology though the Greek Lore is fiction - based on lies and assumptions. Tend to have gentle dispositions. Tend to live in extreme climates of hot or cold. Progenitor - Centest (Darkleer)

Demon - Human in looks in all but the scalera which is black while still retaining the colored iris (Which can range to any color, even black itself). They feed from emotions and tend to favor certain ones after a point in life. Their personalities vary greatly but tend to warp into the emotion they most feed on or favor the most. Mostly found in large cities when unmated or *unfixed. Mated or fixed, they can be anywhere Progenitor - Turntech (Alpha Bro)

Dragonkin - Creatures with scaly skin, large leathery wings, sharp claws and teeth, abnormal pupils and vivid irises. They are omnivores but prefer meat, mainly fresh or rare. Very territorial about their space and very protective of kin or someone they consider family. Can be found anywhere but they prefer mountains or volcanoes. Progenitor - Gacalibra (Redglare)

Dryad - A kind-hearted plant creature with a knack for growing. Most tend to have features as the plant they were raised from, skin and irises the color of the petals. Prefer the area their plant is best suited. Progenitor - Gumtsy (Nanna)

Elf - Slim slender hunters of their territory. They are known for their celestial-like beauty and hunting prowess. Their skin is always flawless as their ability at healing prevent scars. They are probably the most hopeful species you will ever find. Pointed ears and natural talent in any skill of hunting is an immediate telling. Progenitor - Gologaths (Grandpa)

Faerie - Creatures with large wings in any size. Their one natural ability is changing their size, record sizes ever achieved being ten feet, seven inches tall and two milimeters. They enjoy a carefree life and can either be very shy or very outgoing. Either way, driven, optimistic, and willful. Prefer any climate but depends on subspecies. Progenitor - Teraios (Summoner)

Genie - A 'granter' of wishes, they attach part of their soul to an object. Unlike myths, they have no limit of wishes though they are very greedy and don't like giving. They tend to twist peoples' words about, enjoying the deception and easy manipulation. Tend to prefer places of either high population or low population. Also known as a djinn. Progenitor - Griara (Mindfang)

Harpy - A creature with taloned hands and fingers, transformable arms-into-wings able to let them soar far distances, happy, bubbly, and nomadic. Only when mated do they settle. The live near oceans, especially islands, enjoying the lax way of life in the stranded waters. Many claim an island as their own and become very territorial as it is one of their only places they visit often, much less more than once. Progenitor - Gnotip (Mom)

Hellhoud - A creature of immense strength but a gentle disposition to family, can turn nasty to outsiders on a gut reaction. They don't take well to sudden change, Rage (Death) and Fire suiting them well as magic types that do not like to change. Protective of any pups and known to lash out at the cause of the slightest sign of upset. Tend to live near swamps. Progenitor - Anpe (Dad)

Imp - Creatures full of joy and a need to do something. They live their life fulfilling the one task they love to do and it depends not only on which subspecies an Imp is, but also on the imp itself. Where they live is completely up in the air, generally can be found literally anywhere. Characteristics are black-tipped pointed ears, small wings, a spattering of tiny hair-like spines between they're wings similar to hedgehogs or porcupines. Progenitor - Loect (Poppop)

*Incubus/Succubus - Creatures that feed off the life force of others through sexual intercourse. Need only to feed a minimum of once every twenty-eight to thirty-two days. Rape is frowned upon between each other and life must be given willingly. Forcefully taken life can slowly poison the mind of the taker, forcing them to go mad and assures the death of any human. Unmated, can be found in very high populous areas. Mated or '**fixed', can be found anywhere. Progenitor - Timaeus (Bro)

Mage - A completely human formed creature. They have an innate understanding of ALL magic types from birth but their knowledge comes with a price; they tend to be unable to perform any kind of magic. They are scholars and are seeked for wisdom and guidance or ways of teaching. Witches and Mages pair together when teaching a new magic user so the better knowledge is gained by the pupil. Can be found anywhere but mostly where institutes, colleges, and universities are. Only one known to use a very limited amount of magic was the progenitor. Progenitor - Heratcle (Alpha Mom)

Necros - Creature that dies at birth but lives due to genetics. Can commune with the 'dead' or the souls that no longer live in a body. They easily raise the dead bodies, using their own magic to turn it into a sort of puppet but they all have a limit. Common characteristic, grey and blue pallor to skin, white eyes (no pupils of irises), deteriorated clothing. Prefer swamplands and more nocturnal areas as the lights can hurt their sensitive eyes. Progenitor - Rispocal (Handmaid)

Scylla - A type of creature that prefers to lives in the ocean and has a lower body resembling octopus tentacles. Many individuals have personalities that are strong-willed, and a little bit ferocious. They hoard their findings like close treasures but only keep a few of these. If stolen, they will stop at nothing to get it/them back. Lower body of tentacles, rectangular pupils, sharp teeth, ***venomous claws, bright coral-like colors. Must live near source of water whether it be a river or a faucet. Progenitor - Tlefler (Conedesce)

Selkie - A creature that is actually where merpeople came from and are also where the actual merpeople descended from. Goin between land and sea comfortably, they have a skin they are born with, their seal fur. Once taken off, their human forms are revealed and can be put on and taken off as much as they please. If the fur is destroyed, they die with it. Because of this they rarely take it off. Protective of pups and extremely protective of furs. Found near large water sources. (Image is selkie with skin partially on and is very common way to be seen) Progenitor - Arigula (Dualscar)

Siren - Feathery creatures of pure white with a moon-like beauty surrounding them and a voice as lulling as a mother's lullaby. They feed from sleep and their songs are known to help calm and relax even the most harrassed of souls. All but their stomach, feet, hands, chest, neck, hair, and front of face are without feathers, wings appearing and disappearing on their back on will. Prefer high places for a perch. Progenitor - Liaim (Dolorosa)

Sprite - Creatures that are the embodiment of any one type of magic. Two elemental sprites are considered to be a treasured person of society but it only happens every one out of ten billion or so. The last known was an Eldest that died due to an attack. They live in the homes closest in terms of their magic type. In terms of aspect, they go where the aspect is strongest, making for Aspectral Sprites to be VERY nomadic. Progenitor - Netiarc (Signless/Sufferer)

Vampire - Creature closely related to Necros but only in type. They have wings but they're too large to use to fly, the weight dragging them down. They tend to only be used as a sort of blanket or cloak. They all have at least one red eye and only mixbloods ever have both red eyes. They're sensitive to light as they burn easily even in the weak light of Derse or Prospit. They tend to avoid Earth due to the harsh rays as the skin is quick to boil in the sun's intensity. Pack-orientated (clans), they all work to support the entire group. They find their meals in raw meat and are able to consume any other food (and happily do so), it just holds no nutritional value to them. Drinking blood is taboo as the amount of power gained drives any vampire mad. Found anywhere. Progenitor - Magewin (Psiioniic/Helmsman)

Witch - Human looking creature with an natural knack at magic. Whereas Mages understand all magic, witches have a natural talent in USING all magic types. Whereas Mages are the 'right brain', Witches are the 'left brain'. They put the theories to use and use them as a craft. Mages and witches not only teach in pairs but al;so tend to work in pairs. Especially when its inventing. The most effective uses of the portal transportations between the different worlds was discovered by the Progenitor Mage and Progenitor Witch. Like Mages, they can live anywhere but prefer areas closer to teaching establishments. Progenitor - Stiard (Grandma)

*Incubi and succubi are not defining terms. These creature are hermaphrodites (genderless. In this case, have vagina, dick, asshole, and both 'spots') at their core. The two terms are interchangeable for they only represent what position they'd rather take; Submissive or Dominant. That is all those two terms mean.

**fixed - Where a plan was created to feed from one individual only when needed to. Many Succubi/Incubi and Demons use this as a means of for sure having a source of food, a back-up, or to just plain keep them in control. It is very common to have a Fixed-partner even when with others as the constant strain on a partner or mate isn't healthy. This is accepted and has been since the beginning of the Ancients.

***Venomous means inJECTed, poisonous means inJESTed. If its something absorbed through the skin, eaten, drank, smelt, or likewise, its poisonous. If it was from a wound, a bite, or a shot, its venomous. IE, IT MUST PIERCE SKIN TO BE VENOMOUS.

NOTE: I DO NOT own these images. Give credit where credit is due; they are linked for a reason. Second, these pictures? Are not set in stone. These are just the designs that I found closest to what I had in mind and as for the ones that do not have an image linked, I couldn't find any I believed would fit the image I have. I would TRY to make them but I actually suck at anatomy of REGULAR people, much less creatures.
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Forcintahs (For-Seen-Tahs)

3D shapes of certain colors that are dug up from the soil of Derse and Prospit. Cannot be melted, tampered, or destroyed. Can be made as well and just as valuable. Resources and method to make kept by Rulers and few other Ancients.

Colors based on hemospectrum:

Color Translated Worth (US)

Fuchsia = 1,000,000,000.
Violet = 100,000,000.
Purple = 10,000,000.
Indigo = 1,000,000.
Cerulean/Cobalt = 100,000.
Teal = 10,000.
Jade = 1,000.
Olive = 100.
Lime = 10.
Yellow = 1.
Bronze = .1
Burgundy = .01
Red = .001

Then by Formation/Shape:

Truncated icosidodecahedron = 10
Snub cube = 9
Trunated dodecahedron = 8
Truncated cuboctahedron = 7
Isocahedron = 6
Truncated dodecahedron = 5
Octagonal antiprism = 4
Truncated cube = 3
Dodecahedron = 2
Square antiprism =1

Formation (How it is used)

4 - Olive - 3
Amount Color Shape


Three Shapes 3's and one Shape 1 is equal to one Shape 10.

One Shape 10 of any color is equal to one Shape 1 of the next color.

5 - Violet - 6 = 3,000,000,000 (US)
Violet is 100,000,000
6 means there are six hundred-million's or 600,000,000
Five violet Shape 6 is then basically 600,000,000 times 5.
Six time five is thirty so put a three in front and add on another zero.
600,000,000 x 5 = 3,000,000,000
This amount of forcintahs is EXTREMELY wealthy. The cost of living in Derse and Prospit is only fourty-five thousand dollars annually.

After you're able to calculate the amount each one is, adding is very easy. This also makes paying very flexible and helps to keep registers from always having to refill.

For a visual reference of what they look like, go here and sort it by name for easier search

Note!!! Snub Dodecahedrons are considered a very rare gem!!! Only Ancients have the real, natural ones!! Refer to Classes for more information!!!


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