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My name is Hayden or Heather, depends on which you prefer. Reason for that being I am transsexual and some either dint understand it, don't want to, or aren't comfortable with trans-anything. The option is given to them.

Age: Classified
Name: Hayden ****** or Heather ******
Gender: Physically female, mentally Male
Preference: Pan and Demisexual Demiromantic (Pan meaning gender doesn't faze me and Demi meaning there has to be a bond or I need to know you before either of those things happen)
Fun Facts: I have four pets, three dogs and a cat though the cat and one of the dogs is specifically mine. Funny enough, both are completely black. I am the oldest of five, the youngest being fifteen years younger. I play piano and am self taught since I began over seven years ago. I've been singing since I knew what it was. I'm told I have a way with words in the writing form. I am also into roleplay. Primarily homestuck but learning to broaden my horizons.

Questions? Ask.

"There's a really great article about you in tomorrow's paper. Nice photo of you in the front page too. Wish you'd be able to see it."
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