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Forcintahs (For-Seen-Tahs)

3D shapes of certain colors that are dug up from the soil of Derse and Prospit. Cannot be melted, tampered, or destroyed. Can be made as well and just as valuable. Resources and method to make kept by Rulers and few other Ancients.

Colors based on hemospectrum:

Color Translated Worth (US)

Fuchsia = 1,000,000,000.
Violet = 100,000,000.
Purple = 10,000,000.
Indigo = 1,000,000.
Cerulean/Cobalt = 100,000.
Teal = 10,000.
Jade = 1,000.
Olive = 100.
Lime = 10.
Yellow = 1.
Bronze = .1
Burgundy = .01
Red = .001

Then by Formation/Shape:

Truncated icosidodecahedron = 10
Snub cube = 9
Trunated dodecahedron = 8
Truncated cuboctahedron = 7
Isocahedron = 6
Truncated dodecahedron = 5
Octagonal antiprism = 4
Truncated cube = 3
Dodecahedron = 2
Square antiprism =1

Formation (How it is used)

4 - Olive - 3
Amount Color Shape


Three Shapes 3's and one Shape 1 is equal to one Shape 10.

One Shape 10 of any color is equal to one Shape 1 of the next color.

5 - Violet - 6 = 3,000,000,000 (US)
Violet is 100,000,000
6 means there are six hundred-million's or 600,000,000
Five violet Shape 6 is then basically 600,000,000 times 5.
Six time five is thirty so put a three in front and add on another zero.
600,000,000 x 5 = 3,000,000,000
This amount of forcintahs is EXTREMELY wealthy. The cost of living in Derse and Prospit is only fourty-five thousand dollars annually.

After you're able to calculate the amount each one is, adding is very easy. This also makes paying very flexible and helps to keep registers from always having to refill.

For a visual reference of what they look like, go here and sort it by name for easier search

Note!!! Snub Dodecahedrons are considered a very rare gem!!! Only Ancients have the real, natural ones!! Refer to Classes for more information!!!
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